Patient Testimonials

"When you first hear the words “breast cancer” and it is applied to you, your mind and heart go into shock mode. There is so much information, so many medical terms. Dr. Lally took all of those confusing and scary medical reports and presented the information in a very kind, caring, and understanding manner. She made sense of it all and we then determined the best course of action. Dr. Lally’s skills as a surgeon are incredible. Despite two surgeries in the exact same area, the scars are almost invisible! Most of all, I am grateful for her compassion and dedication to me as her patient. Her knowledge, straightforward manner, and sense of humor helped me make good sound medical decisions. I was able to feel fairly relaxed during some very stressful times. Dr. Lally is an outstanding example of what every doctor should strive to be for their patients.

Fabulous, Wonderful, Kind, Considerate, Funny, Dedicated, Knowledgeable, Fantastic, Compassionate, Incredibly skillful, Personable, intelligent, The Best Surgeon Ever!"

"I credit Dr. Lally with saving my life. I went in for a routine mammogram, which found DCIS after a stereotactic biopsy. Dr. Lally asked that I get a MRI of my breasts since they were very dense. She had to argue with my insurance company to get the approval for the MRI. This MRI found I had Stage 1 cancer in the right breast as well. I am so grateful that Dr. Lally is so thorough. She makes you feel like you are the number one priority when she meets with you, with answers to your concerns and questions. She is a great cheerleader too! My family had planned a very special trip prior to being diagnosed. I didn’t think I could go, and it was Dr. Lally who encouraged me to go. I went on the trip shortly after completing the Survive and Thrive Program (a fitness program co-founded by Dr. Lally for cancer survivors)."

"Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would ever need to see a breast expert. However, I was truly blessed when I was referred to Dr. Lally to check out a lump on my right breast. She explained for my wife and me in a very professional, caring, and compassionate manner what a highly rare case of male breast cancer was. Through the surgery and follow-up checks she has been outstanding…..always patiently answering our questions and ensuring we knew what to expect along the way. By the way she is a great surgeon…recovering from a six hour surgery I felt absolutely no pain and the scaring is minimal. Again, I feel truly blessed to have been under Dr. Lally’s care."

"Ten years ago my annual mammogram revealed a lump that needed to be further looked at. My Port Townsend doctor recommended Sheila Lally in Poulsbo. He said “she is who I would send my mother too.” In the past 10 years she has performed two lumpectomies and finally a double mastectomy. She definitely saved my life and I am still an active grandmother of 9."

"I am a Cancer Survivor today thanks to Dr. Sheila Lally’s SPEEDY, SUPERB SURGICAL EXCISION, earlier this year. Dr. Lally’s PERSONALIZED PRE-OP CARE, set a new GOLD STANDARD. From being her routine colonoscopy patient to becoming an unexpected cancer patient, I am truly BLESSED to have the privilege to call Dr. Sheila Lally “MY DOCTOR.'"

"If you’re looking for a physician that is not only qualified but one that is thorough, friendly and listens to you without cutting you off before you’ve explained your situation, look no further than Dr. Lally. She’s a pleasure to have as one of our doctors. After searching online and asking friends who they recommended for either general surgical procedure or colonoscopies, we found Dr. Lally. She is extremely qualified and has the knowledge to treat a wide range of issues. Both my husband and I see Dr. Lally and would recommend her to anyone who is trying to find a qualified physician in Kitsap County. We feel that our research paid off and we found the best possible Doctor for us. We have referred many other people to her and they all feel the same way."